Wayne State University

Aim Higher

{ Victor Chukwueke Speech }

Thank you President Gilmour, Provost Brown, and Dean Thomas. And congratulations to my fellow graduates; this is a great occasion.

Things happen in life to all of us. What matters most is how we respond. We can get sad and give up. Or we can rise up and face the challenges. Over the past few years I was forced to make a decision: should I consider myself a victim and abandon my dream? Or should I work hard to reach my goals? If I had considered myself a victim, I would not be here today.

Our challenges in life are as big as we make them; if we see them as big and difficult, then they are. But do not allow challenges to prevent you from striving to reach your full potential. No one can know their true abilities if they don’t put forth their full effort. I say to you, strive to be all you can be in your life. My presence here today shows that anything is possible.

My fellow graduates, all of you are here today because you overcame challenges. As we go forward, I ask you to always drive yourself to BE ALL YOU CAN BE. Dream big, work hard, and be persistent no matter the obstacles. Anything is possible to those willing to work hard.

And remember, we all had help along the way, like I did from the missionary nuns, from my doctors, and from my friends here at Wayne State. I am most grateful for the opportunities that I have now; only in America can something this wonderful happen to someone like me.

It is now our job to help others be all they can be.

Thank you.