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Jad HamdanStudent speaker Jad Hamdan

Jad Hamdan is graduating with a bachelor's in information systems management and global supply chain management from the Mike Ilitch School of Business.

Hamdan recently completed an internship at Venture for America, where he led an intern team of five and supported the complex task of transitioning the annual Training Camp & Redux programming to a virtual setting for the first time.

Prior to this, Hamdan worked at Rocket Fiber in downtown Detroit, where he developed processes to boost residential market penetration rates, maintained the collection of over $15,000 in asset revenue and designed new onboarding documents to increase new-hire engagement.

As a highly active member of the WSU community, Hamdan has served as president of the Information Technology Organization, founder of the Business Networking Council, co-president and chief technology officer of the Business Student Senate, student ambassador for Ilitch Business and outreach coordinator of the Lebanese Student Association. He was recently designated the board director of Agency M-1, a student-led consultant agency created out of a $75,000 grant awarded to the Information Technology Organization.

Outside of school, Hamdan founded his own nonprofit gaming organization, New Dawn Gaming, which hosts more than 300 players and is dedicated to creating an online video gaming experience for all with a transparent and friendly community environment.

Hamdan's broad business background and community engagement helped him to be accepted as a follow with Venture for America, a prestigious national entrepreneurship fellowship program that mobilizes newly graduated college students to impact and create opportunities in America's emerging cities. With only about 200 graduating/ recently graduated college students accepted each year, it is an honor for Wayne State to place one of our own within the program.