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Graduate spotlights

  • Madison Wiljanen
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    Madison Wiljanen never imagined that her journey to graduation would include a global pandemic impacting her life and chosen profession in such a profound way.

  • Ana Jaquim
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    Ana Jaquim's journey to Wayne State has included a few stops along the way, but a pivotal moment was when she picked up a violin.

  • Rachel Zelenak
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    Despite facing adversity throughout her life, Rachel Zelenak will reach a major milestone on May 5 when she receives her bachelor of arts in psychology from Wayne State University.

  • Nicholas Bauer
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    Nicholas Bauer’s junior year at Troy Athens High School marked the beginning of a long and challenging road that left an indelible mark on his future.

  • Dunamis Archer
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    Twenty-three years ago, doctors told Dunamis Archer’s parents that their newborn baby would likely spend most of his life in a near-vegetative state – unable to walk, talk or even remember his name. 

  • Kristina Sawdon
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    Kristina Sawdon remembers the excitement of receiving her School of Social Work acceptance letter and wondering what her new role as a full-time student may offer.

  • Seth Wyatt
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    Seth Wyatt, an elementary education and special education major, was homeschooled until eighth grade. After attending public school, he became interested in education because of the difference between those experiences.

  • Maximillian Castoreno
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    As a first-generation college student with eight siblings, Maximillian Castoreno pursued his goal of completing his education and earning a coveted degree. He’s reached that goal three times, with two bachelor’s degrees from Wayne State, and soon, a master of occupational therapy from the Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.