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Emily Dove-Medows

Student speaker Emily Dove-Medows

Emily Dove-Medows is graduating with a Ph.D. in nursing. She previously earned a master's in nursing with a specialty in nurse midwifery from Wayne State University in 2011. Her bachelor of arts is from the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University, where she also received her second bachelor's, in nursing, in 2009.

Dove-Medows is a two-time recipient of the Graduate Professional Scholarship from Wayne State and was supported by a graduate research assistantship during her Ph.D. program.

She has worked as a home health nurse with the Maternal Infant Health Program in neighborhoods all over the city of Detroit. As a midwife, she has worked with people across the lifespan in a gynecology practice, multidisciplinary pelvic floor center and full-scope practice.

Her dissertation, "Property, Power, and Preterm Birth," was a mixed-methods study that explored racial residential segregation and preterm birth among pregnant Black women, inspired by her clinical practice. 

Dove-Medows graduates today with several peer-reviewed publications, and she will be starting postdoctoral study at the University of Michigan.